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Archive Series

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Abbott Q. Beanster

Item #510406
Abbott's an old-fashioned bear to hug and hold close! This cinnamon, bean-filled bruin features a green satin bow and felt paw pads.

Alexander P. Bearsworth

Item #510901
Alexander looks like one of those turn-of-the-century bears! This golden oldie features a firmly stuffed, antique-style silhouette and is fully jointed!

Alfred Rothsbury

Item #57004-11
This rust-colored bear, a new Boyds silhouette, is crafted in the tradition of turn-of-the-century teddies and features the longest arms yer ever gonna see on a bear. Also check out the tilting head.

Alissa Angelhope

Item #83004
Alissa is a descendant of the rare angel bears, who appear each Christmas season to spread luvin' (check out her velvet, hand-embroidered pillow - a brand new Boyds design!). Our snow-white bear features plush wings, cream-colored velvet paw pads, and a satin holly berry fur accent.

Bedford Boneah II

Item #582910-05

Big Ben Bearhugs

Item #500050-05

BJ Bearricane

Item #83003
BJ, the gold Archive bear with felt paw pads and hand-stitched claws, gets into the Christmas spirit when he sports his corduroy elf hat and scarf. Took him two seasons to stitch those candy-cane appliques (a Boyds first!).

Blake B. Wordsworth

Item #5745-06


Item #57052-08
Bradford is armed to love! This precious gold Archive bear features a tilted head, a navy ribbon bow, and long arms for huggin'.

Bramble B. Thumperton

Item #58340-03
The Folks at Boyds were foolin' around with chromosomes, did some genetic testing for a new breed of bean bunny, and out came Bramble, our incredible-hulk hybrid hare! This oversized, mixed taupe, rabbit-the first Boyds Bunny on all fours!-is fully jointed and features posable, velvet-lined ears and velvet foot pads

Bristol B. Windsor

Item #57052-03


Item #5840-01
Caledonia is a bean-filled furry plush bear who tends to get a little wild and crazy sometimes. She is one of the 'Original' grizzlies who is still wearing her leather collar...tryin' to make a fashion statement, no doubt.

Cambridge Q. Bearrister

Item #57003-08

Carlyle Wordsworth

Item #57440-01

Cassie B. Nibbles

Item #58290-01
A bunny for your honey! This snow-white Archive hare makes a great spring or Easter gift. Features include velvet paw pads and ear lining, a floral-print voile bow, and blue eyes.

Chester B. Bearsworth

Item #57253-05
Chester, a mocha-colored bear is quite a little hand-full! He features bent arms and brand new Boyds face design.

Chester L. Snicklepuss

Item #530803
Chester is a sweet lil' kitten that just wants to be loved! This two-tone cotton chenille cat features velvet paw pads and velvet-lined ears and wears a satin bow.

Dawson B. Bearsworth

Item #57150-08
This Archive bear sports wheat-colored chenille, deep-set eyes, and a bright and cheery check bow.

Dean S. Bearslot

Item #510501
This big ol' bruiser is named in honor of an F.o.B.'s loyal hubby, who's supported his wife through thick and thin-talk about one-in-a-million! This two-tone teddy features an ultrasuede bell collar and tan ultrasuede paw pads.

Derry O. Beary

Item #57252-05

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